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New Peristaltic Pump L100-1E from Longerpump Deliver Accurate Flow Rates in a modern look and small footprint09-03-2019

The new peristaltic pump L100-1E bring simplicity to the laboratory. It has many significant characteristics such as modern look, multiple colour options, low noise, less vibration small footprint, non-polluting and high operating efficiency. With a flow range of 0.0002 -380ml/min (depending on the model and tubing size selected), it is ideal for general fluid transfer applications.

Variety of colour options

Three colour options are available— aside from their aesthetic advantages, but also for the convenience of distinguishing multiple pumps when they are used at the same time. Different colours can be used to visually identify different types of applications, and to prevent wrong operation.

Small foot print, space efficient

Compact structure, small-foot print, the pump is ideal for use in hoods or crowded labs. 

Easy operation 

The precision digital drive offers an icon-driven interface that makes setup and operation easy and intuitive.
5-digit LED display for current speed, direction and run/stop status intuitively.
Three physical buttons with good tactile feedback and longer life, integrate control functions of pump

Automatic speed adjustment function for more convenience.

Low vibration, low noise

Imported bearings, little vibration, low noise, which could offer a quiet and comfortable lab environment.

Prolong pump life time
Metal housing with anti-corrosion paint treatment, prolong the service life of the pump.

Good electromagnetic compatibility
Good electromagnetic compatibility, ensure stable and reliable operation.

The new pump L100-1E is created for transferring, feed, sampling, or filling applications in laboratories and research settings. Pumps operate with continuous tubing to save costs by eliminating leakage and the need for fittings or connections, thus providing a cleaner fluid path. It is a professional assistant in your lab.

Starting in 1997, Longer is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Halma Group, and is affiliated to Medical Sector. With Research Centre in Baoding and branches in Shanghai and the United States, Longer consistently provides the best and precise fluid transfer and handling devices to the worldwide. For more info: www.longerpump.com