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Laboratory Applications for Longerpump Syringe Pumps07-07-2020

The Longerpump Advantage

Longer syringe pumps have very high-precision control and wide linear speed range that is ideal for high accuracy and small flow rate liquid transferring. It can be widely used in chemical reaction injection experiments, electrospinning, long-term animal drug injection experiments and other laboratory microinjection experiments.

Our syringe pumps provide features that are important to micro fluidic applications including:

•High performance accuracy and precision

• Easy-to-use interface for simple operation

• Rugged design for long-life and reliability

• Stall detection and alarms

• The broadest line of syringe pumps :

– Single, double, four, ten syringes

– Infuse or infuse/withdraw or push pull

– Programmable

– High pressure

• Broad flow rate range from high to low

• Specialized systems

• Technical support when you need it


Extensive Applications

Our pumps have a myriad of uses in the laboratory making them an essential piece of equipment for daily use.  The following are the most common application areas in which syringe pumps are utilized.


Longer syringe pumps are in use throughout the world for electrospinning applications. Longer new laboratory syringe pumps LSP01-3A/LSP02-2B greatly improves the EMC performance, especially the anti-static performance, ESD≥Level IV (IEC 61000-4-2) that are developed for high voltage electrospinning applications.

For example:

As a technology for the production of micro- and nanostructured scaffold materials, electrospinning has gained widespread acceptance in the medical research community.The electrospinning process generates a non-woven fiber mat consisting of one continuous filament with diameters ranging from the micron to the nanometer range. Because of its similarity to the filamentous microenvironment in native tissues, it is most often used as scaffold material in tissue engineering applications. Longer syringe pump LSP01-3A is ideal for delivering chemical fluid in electrospinning. The robust design ensures the syringe is kept level during delivery of the fluid even in a high voltage electrostatic field of 20kV.

Routine and multi-step complex applications

Longer syringe pumps are a superior solution, if more complexity is needed the user can select the programmable syringe pump TJP-3A, the functions including: Constant, Ramp up, Ramp down, Stepped up, Trigger dispense, Periodic dispense, Pumping, Event, Process restart.

For example:

Longer programmable syringe pump TJP-3A was used in an In Vitro Model for the Study of Human Implantation to determine the relationship between the speed of embryo transfer and the position of embryo implantation. In this experiment, syringe pump TJP-3A is ideal for multiple step operations.

Microfluidics/Microfluidic Channel/Injections

Microfluidics is a field of research that explores the interactions of liquids in tiny micrometer scale channels. This technology development has led to the creation of powerful tools for scientists to control fluid physics, cellular environment and advances in this technique.

Our pumps are renowned for high accuracy, precision, and reliability during processes critical for fluid delivery functions and support microfluidic chips for a diverse range of applications from studies of fundamental physics, single cell studies, lab-on-chip, micro-environmental/chemical environmental control and medical diagnostics.

For example:

Drug Screening Candida albicans experiments require the use of a precision syringe pump to inject Candida albicans suspension and cell culture medium with a flow rate of 5ul / min to the microfluidic chip. Longer syringe pump LSP01-4A has four pumping channels that can inject cells and culture medium into the four groups of microchannels at the same time.

Animal Drug/Nutrient Injections

The superior performance of Longer syringe pumps produces the smoothest flow at low flow rates of delivery causing minimal biological distress to the animal.

For example:

Longer syringe pump LSP01-3A was used in a study of the cardiotonic effect of Astragalus Injection in the rats of acute heart failure model. The rat model of heart failure was established by injecting pentobarbital sodium into the femoral vein of rats at a flow rate of 0.6 ml / h. Such as this technique is a common practice in animal studies. The syringe pump provides the smooth flow and accurate volume delivery needed to produce repeatable results.

Longer syringe pumps are used extensively in areas including drug infusion, cell studies, microdialysis, microfluidics, titrations, and more. You can count on our expert technical support to provide product recommendations and application support to advance your studies. For more information, go to Longerpump.com or call +86-312-3110087.


Starting in 1997, Longer is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Halma Group, and is affiliated to Medical Sector. Our product lines, including peristaltic pumps, laboratorial syringe pumps, industrial syringe pumps, micro-gear pumps, dispensing and filling systems, OEM pumps, and more, are sold through company-owned customer channel outlets and a strong network of international dealers. Longerpump responds with excellence to customer needs, and offers application expertise and technical support. For more info: www.longerpump.com