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Protect Water Resources and Safeguard Our Lifeline04-21-2021

The Japanese government announced Tuesday it had decided to release into the sea more than 1 million tons of water collected from Fukushima. Although the Japanese government has said the water will be treated further to remove dangerous isotopes and diluted to meet World Health Organization standards for drinking water, people are still worried that the treated water still contains a variety of radioactive contaminant.


Seawater and freshwater are very important water resources on the earth, which are closely related to people's production and life. However, with the rapid development of social economy and the acceleration of urbanization, a large number of wastewater from households, industry and other sources such as hospitals is directly and untreated dis- charged into the river.


The importance of water quality monitoring

Improving water quality is an essential responsibility. Continuous monitoring of natural water sources (such as rivers, lakes or groundwater), water treatment processes, and distribution will provide consumers with the safest and highest quality drinking water. Quality monitoring allows for early detection of harmful substances that can affect both our environment and human health.


Longer products used in online water quality detection system

Companies around the world use our technologies in their products and systems because of their dependable performances. We have a diverse product range, backed by a dedicated OEM development team to provide innovative solutions for your challenges.


In the on-line water quality detection system, Longer Peristaltic Pumps and Industrial Syringe Pumps are mainly used to transfer the to-be-detected water samples and various detection reagents, then the waste liquid after detection is harvested, pooled together and dispensed by the pumps.


While in the ammonia water quality online automatic analyzer, Longer Industrial Syringe Pumps SP1-CX and MSP1-CX enable highly accurate and reliable sampling duties in harsh and low temperature environments.


Development trend of miniaturized instruments and equipment

As computer and communication technologies increase, the development trend of water detection instruments is low-cost, miniaturization, easy operation, high precision and reliability.Whether developing new systems, products or methodologies, our expertise supports your applications.



Starting in 1997, Longer is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Halma Group, and is affiliated to Medical Sector. Our product lines, including peristaltic pumps, laboratorial syringe pumps, industrial syringe pumps, micro-gear pumps, dispensing and filling systems, OEM pumps, and more, are sold through company-owned customer channel outlets and a strong network of international dealers. Longerpump responds with excellence to customer needs, and offers application expertise and technical support. For more info: www.longerpump.com

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