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How Longerpump provide the perfect solution for Biopharmaceutics Industry06-24-2021

According to official figures, over 900 million people in China have received vaccine. Meanwhile, Chinese donated and exported vaccines have arrived and applied in countries across the world. The Chinese COVID-19 vaccines, proven by worldwide experts of its safety and effectiveness, have helped many countries in the fight against the pandemic.

Vaccine development is a complex and time-consuming process. As a provider in complete fluid path solutions for the biopharmaceutical sector, our pumps, components and single-use technology are vital to vaccine manufacturers trying to fight the Coronavirus. From the early stage of experimental research, including the preparation of culture medium, the cultivation of virus, the separation and purification of active ingredients and other processes, to the later stage of mass production, Longer products have been effectively used for the vaccine development in China.

With a comprehensive portfolio of products and assembly design capabilities, we can support your process throughout upstream, downstream and final fill/finish applications. 

Tubing has equal importance to ensure the entire process is compatible with regulations and maintains the quality of high-value products.

BioSilicone high performance silicone tubing, from Longer pump, provides a safe, reliable and value-based solution for a wide range of bioprocess fluid transfer applications. Biopharmaceutical processes are among the most critical in the world, so having confidence in the quality and cleanliness of manufacturing materials is essential.

*Good performance – high transparency, good wear resistance, low permeability, strong restitutional resilience, and is not easy to deform after compression

*Biocompatible materials –

    USP Class VI Certified
    FDA regulations 21 CFR 177.2600 Certified
    NSF-51 Certified
    Comply with RoHS requirement
    Comply with REACH requirement

*Manufactured and packed – in a clean room

*Product traceability – Lot numbering enables product traceability for confidence in the supply chain.

Biopharmaceutical processes are among the most critical in the world. We have a solution for your specific application needs. 


Starting in 1997, Longer is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Halma Group, and is affiliated to Medical Sector. Our product lines, including peristaltic pumps, laboratorial syringe pumps, industrial syringe pumps, micro-gear pumps, dispensing and filling systems, OEM pumps, and more, are sold through company-owned customer channel outlets and a strong network of international dealers. Longerpump responds with excellence to customer needs, and offers application expertise and technical support. For more info: www.longerpump.com