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Longer promotes the rapid development of environmental protection industry with innovative technology07-27-2021

As a certain influence of Environmental Protection technology exchange platform in China,  The 19th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition (CIEPEC) was successfully curtain in Beijing International Exhibition Center from July 13 to 15, 2021. Longer team hold a successful event at CIEPEC with an opportunity to demonstrate the HOT Products in environmental industry.

With the acceleration of the process of industrialization and urbanization, resources and environmental issues are facing great challenge, prompting new environmental protection technologies to emerge in endlessly.

In the face of numerous environmental protection innovation technology, and the diverse market demand, Longer brought various high-performance precision pump products to the exhibition, including all kinds of OEM peristaltic pump, industrial syringe pump, micro piston pump, digital laboratorial syringe pump, intelligent peristaltic pump, industrial peristaltic pump, etc.

Longer precision pumps are characterized by strong function, reliable quality and stable performance, providing solutions for various application requirements in the environmental protection industry.

Water treatment

The goal of every wastewater treatment operation is safe, accurate and efficient chemical dosing and delivering. In waste water treatment systems, Longer peristaltic pumps have clear advantages when handling viscous sludge with high-solid content. Their ability to provide minimal shear, combined with high levels of accuracy is critical for wastewater to be treated, efficient flocculation and additive consumption. 

Also, Longer digital laboratorial syringe pumps dLSP 500 have a variety of digital and intelligent functions. The pumps allow users to control and monitor the pump with Wifi ,Bluetooth and other ways. Access is easy from a PC, tablet or smartphone (App). With superb technology that supports precision dispensing, the new pumps are ideal for the research of water treatment and water quality analysis.

Water quality detection

In various water quality analysis instruments and online water quality monitoring systems, Longer peristaltic pumps, industrial syringe pumps and micro piston pumps are mainly used to deliver the to-be-detected water samples and various detection reagents. 

For Industrial syringe pumps, Longer also develops a variety of rotary valves made of PTFE, PCTFE, ceramic, PEEK and other materials, with multiple channels from 3 to 10 to meet the needs of various customers.

In addition, as computer and communication technologies increase, the development trend of water detection instruments is low-cost, miniaturization, easy operation, high precision and reliability.

Longer MP series micro piston pumps suit for high precision small flow fluid transferring that are ideal for miniaturized water quality analysis instruments. With long service life, compact structure, no valves, maintenance-free advantages, Longer micro piston pumps can help to enhance the overall efficiency and accuracy of the instruments, and reduce the overall cost and the cost of the system.

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

In the continuous emission monitoring system, Longer peristaltic pump is used for removal system to remove the condensed liquid. Normally, gas analyzers are intolerant of contamination by condensed liquids in the source gas.

During the post-epidemic period of Fourteenth Five-Year Plan, the environmental protection industry is also full of opportunities and challenges, and the change of future demand will determine the innovation and change of technology and products.

At Longer, we are committed to providing more reliable answers to our customers' more challenging problems. Investment in product innovation is our long-term commitment. Longer will lead the green and high-quality development of China with innovative technology.

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