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Our Values proposition

Longer Vision

Our vision is to be the top three precision pump company in the world, through augmented innovation, fast and responsible customer service, and continuous development in vertical markets and geographies.

Longer Mission

In  areas related to health and environmental protection, Longer takes it lead from customer demand, Longer is committed to improving the precision, usability and applicability of its products, and provides reliable power and solutions for the development and application of precision fluid technologies, giving value to our clients and society.

Longer Slogan

Precision fluid transfer

Longer Value

We seek to do well in everything, and try our best to make each product perfect in the spirit of perfection.

We are forever trying to find out better ways and methods of doing things and making our products better.

Going beyond
We continually exceed the expectations of our competitors, ourselves and our customers.


We are committed to establishing an open learning organization that encourages and helps employees make great achievements during their careers.

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