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FB16-1 Functions & Specifications Description

Release Time:2017-02-13

Dispensing mode: Timing internal, signal external, communication external controls are available to match different requirement.
Timing internal control mode: Dispensing volume according to the programmed dispensing time and time interval.
Signal external control mode: System receive external signal to start dispensing.
Communication external control mode: System receive communication external signal to start dispensing, refer to “FB16-1 Communication Protocol and Operating Manual”.
Back suction angel: Set suitable back suction angle to avoid dripping.
Tubing washing: This function is for fast filling and washing tubing. In running interface, press and hold “Exit Key”, then press “Start/Stop Key” to start tubing washing, all the channels will continuously run at preset speed, press “Start/Stop Key” to stop tubing washing.
Successive Calibration: Calibrate dispensing volume for higher accuracy, all the channels can be calibrated separately.
Online adjustment: Rough calibration for dispensing volume, this function allow user to adjust percentage of dispensing volume online.
Channel ID: Each channel can be reset its ID that will be convenient for customer to arrange channels.
No bottles stop function: No bottles stop logic can be set, when system receives signals consistent with logic set, it will stop dispensing function of relative channels.
Each channel has independent no bottle stop function, user can set “no bottle stop signal” refer to3.2.1.
Set certain channel in “no bottle status”, if need to stop dispensing function to relative channel.
Communication function: Adopt RS485 bus, baud rates are optional, parity check, communication protocol is based on Modbus. User can set all the necessary parameters to start/stop the system through RS485 communication interface.

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