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Longer's innovative strength

Longer is a high-tech enterprise and wholly owned subsidiary of the Halma Group. Over many years, we have constantly increased the investments into developmental research, and strengthened the applications of precision fluid techniques. We have established a Research Centre in Guangzhou and Baoding with around 25 R&D employees (20% of the whole workforce).  We have the industry’s most complete range of product lines, Laboratory, Medical, and Industry lines that keeps us in the top position.  Longer maintains focus on precision, quality, and usability of its fluid technology. And we are committed to providing our clients with products and solutions which are more precise and reliable, giving the user a better experience and value.

Thus far, Longer has 35 invention patents and 29 copyrights to its name, and our standard peristaltic pump and laboratory syringe pump have been CE certified.

Technical team

Relying upon Halma’s training system, Longer has participated on the Technology and Engineering Committee (TEC Workshop), hosted by Halma. Using this platform Longer could cooperate with other companies on technical matters, and benefit from important technological innovations, whilst sharing the results of scientific and technological progress and successful experiences in the field of production application. Moreover, in order to realize our strategy of operating globally, Longer was invited to participate on Halma’s “Lean Production” training program launched by the Chinese Institute, where we actively worked to improve the internationalization of each department, strengthen our technological innovations, increase productivity, and adapt to the constantly changing demands of the market. 

When it comes to training our staff, then Longer as an innovative company has a R&D team that is made up of vibrant, well educated and highly qualified professionals. At Longer, project leaders will cultivate individually the next generation of engineers.  And Longer’s many Technology Seminars on development will often involve multiple perspectives, allowing technologists to get experience whilst improving their abilities in practice, this means Longer constantly develops an inclusive and innovative team, and this provides the company with endless developmental vitality and dynamism.

Inter-industry communication 

Longer remains in regular communication with various international companies, where we explore and share resources together on related fields, forming complete solutions across the value chain.

Corporate communications

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