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Industries Syringe Pump & Micro Piston Pump in Spectrometers

Application Introduction:

Identifying the substance and confirming its chemical composition and relative content based on its spectrum is called spectrum analysis. Spectrum analysis has many advantages when compared with other analysis methods: such as its high sensitivity, better selectivity, fast and easy operation, strong anti-interference performance, high accuracy, which has been developed rapidly. The spectrometer, used for spectrum analysis, has become an important piece of equipment in laboratory analysis, it is widely used in air pollution, water pollution, food hygiene, metal industry, etc. Typically, a spectrometer consists of 5 components: a light source, a sample processing system, a wavelength selector, detector and a signal processing system. The sample processing system can precisely and automatically provide samples and reagents, and can promptly remove waste. This ensures accurate analysis results.

The Customer Requirements:

1. To ensure the accuracy of the spectrum analysis, the spectrometer always needs automatic sampling system to provide accurate samples and reagents with a stable flow rate. The sample and reagent flow rate can be changed according to the substance which needs to be detected, to eliminate disturbance during transfer. The sampling system should have good chemical and abrasion resistance. 

2. To ensure the high efficiency of the analysis, waste needs to be promptly removed.

3. For the shear-sensitive samples, the sampling system needs to protect the integrity of the sample and reduce damaging.

Longer Pump Solution

1. Longer's Peristaltic Pumps can effectively seal tubing without the need for any valves. And the pumps have wide range of flow rate which can be precisely managed through the speed control. The increasing pump rotor quantity reduces the pulse and maintains the stability of the sample flow. When transferring the samples and reagents, the fluid only comes into contact with the bore of the tubing, this eliminates the contamination between the pump and fluids. By changing the tubing, pumps can transfer different corrosive and abrasive fluids without cross-contamination. Longer’s peristaltic pump has a variety of control methods, and can be integrated into the control system to complete the sampling and waste discharging function automatically. Because of the low shear and gentle pumping action, Longer’s peristaltic pump is ideal for the shear-sensitive substance transfer.

2. Longer's Industrial Syringe Pump is extremely precise for small volume transfers. The fluid only comes into contact with the bore of the syringe and the tubing system to eliminate the contamination between the pump and fluids.

3. Longer's micro piston pump is extremely precise and has an extended life (10 million cycles), making it ideal for the transfer of small volume samples/reagents, ensuring the sampling is accurate and reliable. 

Customer Value
1.High precision ensures the accurate sampling and the analysis result, and could help achieve automatic function of the diluting and preparation of the standard solution. 
Longer high precision micro piston pump has excellent dispensing precision: CV of 100% dispensing volume<0.1%.
Dispensing precision of Longer industrial syringe pump CV<0.5% 

Dispensing precision of Longer peristaltic pump CV<2%

2.Remove the waste in a timely fashion
Longer peristaltic pump has good self-priming capability and could develop a vacuum of -0.95Bar(g)
Longer peristaltic pump could run dry without any damage.
With the fixed speed peristaltic pump, the waste could be removed under a stable flow rate. With the variable speed peristaltic pump, the waste could be removed under variable flow rate based on the actual requirement.

Longer peristaltic pump could be remote controlled through RS485 interface or analog signal interface. So the pump can be integrated into the control system of the spectrometer to remove the waste in a timely fashion.

3.Suitable for abrasive liquid with particles or corrosive liquid transferring.
Gentle pumping action of Longer peristaltic pump is ideal for the semisolids, heterogeneous mixtures and liquid with particles. When transferring the fluid, the fluid only contacts the bore of the tubing. By using the tubing with good abrasive resistance, the pump can be used to transfer the abrasive liquid. By using the tubing with good chemical resistance, the pump can be used to transfer the corrosive liquid.
Soft particle size<25%*ID (tubing inside diameter)

Hard particle size<5%*ID (tubing inside diameter)

4.Reduce the damaging and protect the integrity for the shear-sensitive samples.

The low shear, gentle pumping action of peristaltic pump ensures the substance will not be damaged.

5.High reliability and easy maintenance of the pump help reduce the cost
Longer peristaltic pump does not need the valves and seals when transferring the fluid, and can run dry without damage.
Longer high precision micro piston pump has no consumable parts during the millions of life time.

The only consumable material of peristaltic pump is tubing, and the only consumable material of industrial syringe pump is syringe. The tubing and syringe can be changed easily, which reduces the maintenance cost.