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FK1-100Z Single Channel Testing Operation in Test Mode

Release Time:2017-02-13

Filling volume calibration is needed after changing the filling volume. Calibration operation of each channel is repeatable.
In running interface, press T/R (Test/Run) key to enter testing interface 4. Turn the Rotary Coded Switch to highlight the channel number which needs to be calibrated. Turn the Rotary Coded Switch to input the filling volume for that channel. Press the Start/Stop Key. Measure and calculate the actual volume. Press and then turn the Rotary Coded Switch to input the actual volume
for that channel. Press the Rotary Coded Switch to confirm and enter into the next channel selection. Press T/R key to return back to running interface.

For more accurate calibration, we recommend the “Test No.:” is 5 or 10. Input the average value as the actual value.
Running Inspection in Test mode
In running interface, press the cw/ccw Key to select direction.Press Start/Stop Key. The dispensing and filling system will run according to the set parameters.
Running Inspection in On-line mode
Insert the external control terminals into external control interface. Short the on-line signal and input the start/stop control signal, direction control signal and filling-stop without bottles control signal, the system will run normally.

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