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Introducing the new upgrading dPOFLEXⓇ Precise Filling System11-14-2023

Introducing the new upgrading dPOFLEXⓇ Precise Filling System






In asynchronous mode, each channel can have independent filling parameters and can independently control the filling operation. The new version optimizes the control logic of the filling and simplifies the debugging process. 



In order to ensure accuracy in fill volumes, the new version also provides online weighing calibration this can effectively reduce shutdown time and ensure high-precision filling performance from as low as 30uL and repeatable filling accuracy of better than ±1%.



These new capabilities are based on Longer Pump's extensive industry experience and designed to reduce waste, minimize contamination risk and improve user experience.



If you want to be first in line to experience new features, just upgrade with USB. For more information, please contact us!




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