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dLSP 501W, the latest addition to Digital Split-type Syringe Pump11-17-2023

We're thrilled to share dLSP 501W, the latest addition to Digital Split-type Syringe Pump is the solution for your most demanding fluids applications.






Highlights of the new pump include:


☑️ 7 inch high-definition LCD touchscreen, easily constructs a multi-function system with up to 4 drive units, and each drive unit could have independent parameters. dLSP 501W accommodates syringes 5 μl to 60 ml.


☑️ Adjust the flow rate in real-time (during aspirating and dispensing) according to the experimental conditions, improve experimental efficiency, and reduce the cost.


☑️Multiple work modes, including infusion only, withdrawal only, infuslon/ withdrawal, withdrawal/ infusiorand programmable modes, for various applications.


☑️The computer can control the drive units through dedicated PC software. PLC or other controller cancontrol the drive units through RS485/ Modbus RTU. Each drive unit can be controlled independently withindividual parameters.


☑️Parameters can be saved as a method, which can be stored on the controller and imported/exported to a USB flash drive, simplifying the parameter configuration and facilitating parameter sharing between different drive units.


☑️Powerful features, including the lock screen function, three-level access management with password protection, log recording, and electronic signatures, ensure the safety, accuracy, and compliance of operations.


dLSP 501W offers high accuracy, stability, and programmability, allowing researchers to conduct precise and reproducible experiments. Want to boost your lab's success? Get in touch! 



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