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Launches the first Pneumatic Peristaltic Pump PH60008-28-2015

      As we all known, normal peristaltic pumps are powered by electricity, and work by being plugged into an electrical source. Since the good characteristics of peristaltic pumps are their precision transfer, safety and non-polluting factors, so many industrial enterprises will use them with their equipment and in their working environment. However, not all environments where the pumps are applied will be as clean and tidy as a laboratory, especially in some industrial settings, sometimes when used in brutal environments which are damp, humid, dust filled, with high temperatures and electromagnetic radiation, etc, the output of the peristaltic pumps will see large deviations that might even damage the pump.

       Based on this, Longer launched the first Pneumatic Peristaltic Pump PH600 in August, 2015. This pump uses a pneumatic motor to drive the unit, and uses compressed air as the power source to drive the Peristaltic Pump; this PH600 Peristaltic Pump has a higher level of security and reliability which makes it suitable for harsh operating environments. Its most outstanding features are the ability to withstand vibrations, high temperatures, electromagnetic radiation, high humidity’s and other harsh conditions, without being damaged for long periods of time.

       Furthermore, the PH600 has the added function of protection against overloading, so that the rotational speed of pneumatic motor will decrease or even halt the rotational speed if overloaded.  However, normal operations will resume when  the overload function is released without damaging the pump.

       Longer’s PH600 can provide customers with a safe and reliable service, whether it is transferring organic liquid in the chemical industry, or adding reagents to the Fermentation tank in the pharmaceutical industry, or transferring slurry in the mining industry, or transferring yeast, caramel, or dairy for food processing in the food industry.  

Other parameters

Drive Product Code Pump Head Tubing Flow Rate (ml/min) Weight (kg)
PH600 05.63.080 KZ35 73#, 82# 1000-11000 15
YZ35 12.95