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Longer at the BCEIA 2015 Exhibition, a huge success11-06-2015

The biennial BCEIA Exhibition was held successfully at Beijing's China National Convention Center on Oct. 30th, 2015. More than 461 well-known vendors and enterprises from all over the globe participated in this four-day exhibition, displaying a broad range of cutting edge instruments and advanced equipment in the field of analysis and testing.  

Staff from Longer’s Marketing, Sales and R&D departments attended this exhibition, where they provided the customer with descriptions of the product’s and solutions, as well as actively collecting customers’ information and gathering feedback so as to understand what the market requires for precision pumps and analytical instruments, allowing us to better serve China’s market in analytical instruments.

Longer brought and displayed in this exhibition a complete product series of analytical instruments, including the OEM peristaltic pump, the industrial syringe pump, and especially the MP piston pump series:

 The MP piston pump series features a compact structure, it is highly accurate and has an extended life, a single fluid transfer of 5 mL or lower can be achieved.  Users can directly control the MP pump by using the step motor, and the photoelectric sensors provide the initial position of the pump without compromising on the precision or accuracy. Its extended life means it can reach 5 million cycles or more, this is a precision dispensing pump which has high performance, is low-cost and maintenance free.

In addition, Longer has also launched several other miniature piston pump (MP pump) series, including the PMMA, PEEK and PEI which can adapt and meet areas of different applications.