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LongerPump new Micro Piston Pump Showcase at IE EXPO 201605-28-2016

 IE expo 2016, which was held in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from May 5 to 7, once again underlined its position as the number one environmental technology show for China and Asia. In IE expo 2016, there were 1,303 exhibitors from 30 countries presenting their lasted product and solutions in the environmental area to more than 43,000 trade visitors. Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd. is showcasing its range of Peristaltic Pump, Industrial Syringe Pump, Laboratorial Syringe Pump, OEM Peristaltic Pump, New Generation Micro Piston Pump technology ideal for water and wastewater treatment applications at IE expo 2016, the Asia's leading environmental show.

Lots of visitors stopped by the booth and to see G100-1J, G300-1J range of seal-less, valve-less, High IP rating Peristaltic Pump, which are ideal for chemically aggressive or abrasive applications, especially for water and wastewater treatment. G100-1J and G300-1 high IP Peristaltic Pumps are designed for dosing, metering, and transfer duties from 0.02 ml/min to 1140 ml/min.

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