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Andrew Williams, CEO at Halma Plc, visit LongerPump company05-30-2016

At the beginning of new Halma Fiscal year, Mr. Andrew Williams, the CEO at Halma Plc, visited all Chinese subsidiaries. Mr. Martin Zhang, the president of Halma China, accompanied Mr. Andrew Williams to visit Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd. on May 19, 2016. Mr. Todd Burt, the VP of Halma Medical Sector, and Mr. Andy Hu, the President of LongerPump, lead the visitation to R&D dept, production dept, and logistics dept, etc. and give detailed introduction on LongerPump’s operation, strategy, and the direction in the new fiscal year. Visit to production dept is Mr. Andrew Williams’ major purpose, as the Halma’s value is pay attention to each operating procedure, detail and employee. 

Andrew gave the affirmation and praise on Longer Products Innovation, R&D ability, Production Management and Lean Production, and looking forward Longer bigger development in the new fiscal year. Andrew took a picture with Longer management team before he left. 

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