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New G600-1J-1 Industrial Peristaltic Pump offers big flow rate of 3L/min08-30-2018

As the powdery materials of construction sites, coal yards, thermal power plants, mines and other enterprises will generate a large amount of dust floating in the air during the open-air stacking and transportation process, it will not only cause environmental pollution, but even affect the normal operation of peripheral equipment.


The IP protection level of the electronic instrument reflects the ability of the instrument to prevent moisture and dust. Especially for outdoor application, it is inevitable that equipment will be placed in the environment with high humidity and dusty. The sealing and waterproofing ability of the instrument is very important to ensure the safe operation and life of the instrument.


Responding to demand from the industry, we are pleased to announce that Longer G-Series industrial peristaltic pump is designed to meet a wide range of industrial fluid delivery needs. And with high IP rating (IP65), this series is ideal for any harsh environment. Following the G100-1J, G300-1E, and G300-1J, G600-1J-1 is another industrial peristaltic pump developed by Longer.

Main Features
The external power supply has IP67 rating, better resistance to voltage spike and better reliability.

  • Compact footprint for big flow rate of 3L/min.
  • Powerful and suitable for many tubings with good chemical compability.
  • With good electromagnetic compatibility, the pump will not behave unacceptably in the EMI environment and will not interfere with other electronic equipment. 
  • Using aluminium alloy housing with anti-corrosion paint treatment, the pump has good corrosive resistance and longer life time in corrosive environment.
  • With high IP rating, the pump could be used in wet and dusty environment.
  • LCD with specially designed run screen displays parameters and running status, which provides enough information for correct operation.

Speed Range


Speed resolution




Control mode

Keypad control, external signal control and communication control

External control

Start/stop control, direction control: switch signal (dry contact).
Speed control: 0-5V,0-10V,4-20mA,0-10kHz are optional with uniform interface, max speed can be set between 60rpm and 600rpm.

Communication Control

RS485 interface, Longer protocol or Modbus protocol, the communication parameters (baud rate, parity, stop bit) can be set through keypad.

Parameter memory

Operating parameters will be saved automatically.

Pump state when power up

The pump state when power up could be set as stop or as the state before power loss.


Fast filling or emptying at full speed


Comply with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

Keypad lock function

Keypad can be locked to prevent the misoperation.

Dimension(L X W X H)

240mm*211mm*155mm(including the external power supply and mounting bracket)

Power supply


Operating temperature


Relative humidity


IP rating



5.56kg(including the external power supply and mounting bracket)

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