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A New Facility for the 20-Year Anniversary of Longerpump11-29-2018

Longer, a leading fluid transfer solution provider, has announced the opening of a new facility in Baoding, China. 

Starting in 1997, Longer is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Halma Group, and is affiliated to Medical Sector. With Research Centre in Guangzhou and Baoding and branches in Shanghai and the United States, Longer consistently provides the best and precise fluid transfer and handling devices to the worldwide.

This new facility will play a key role in Longer’s strategy to expand its global business.

The 4000 square meter facility will support approximately 200 employees and house Longer’s executive offices, a marketing and productdevelopment innovation center with advanced engineering labs, and manufacturing with an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.   

In addition to providing efficient and cost-effective office space, the new facility offers a common room for employees. Also, the new facility features a dedicated conference centre with configurable seminar rooms, modern infrastructure and amenities.   

Longer Headquarters new location is:

Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd

3rd/4th Floor, Building 6 B, National University Science Park, Baoding National High-Tech Development Zone, 

Baoding, Hebei, China 071051


Let’s take an inside look at the facility.


Technology Department

 Product Department

Logistics Department

Configurable Seminar Rooms

For more information on Longerpump Headquarters Relocates, go to Image Display or contact us at +86-312-3110087, or via email: longer@longerpump.com