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New Intelligent peristaltic pump L100-1F creates a high-performance solution for a complex fluid transfer operation11-29-2019

Quality combination in a feature-rich pump

With a variety of interfaces, simple programming, accurate flow rates and advanced features, the new Longerpump Intelligent peristaltic pump boosts efficiency and the user experience and is ideal for peristaltic pump operators in different industries and fields.

New Longerpump Intelligent peristaltic pump L100-1F 

The pump has simple and elegant appearance with ergonomic streamlined handle design. And this peristaltic pump is easy to program with an intuitive 7-inch full-colour touchscreen interface.  Quickly set up single- or multiple-step programs depending on the application. The controller stores up to 8 programs, and 7 parameter programs with up to 10 steps each, with recall for later use.

For greater flexibility, multiple function modules and intelligent algorithms are designed for a wide variety of applications. Each running control module can be used independently for simple routine application. The pump system also could implement complex control through simple step combination for complex application. 

Main Functions and Features

7-inch full-color touchscreen interface makes operation simple and easy

7 inch color display shows more information simultaneously
Intuitive graphic interface and full touch screen quickly set up application

Customize parameters by programming, and the parameter programs can be stored and easily recalled 

Parameters are defined by programming
7 parameter programs of up to 10 steps can be configured and stored
Program name can be defined by letters and numbers for identification and easy recall
Preset external control program is for remote control through external signaln process

Multiple function modules and intelligent algorithms are designed for a wide variety of applications, including routine and multi-step complex applications

9 running control modules: constant, ramp up, ramp down, stepped up, stepped down, sine, constant dispensing, ramp up dispensing. ramp down dispensing
8 logic control modules: direction, delay, event trigger,status output, pause, jump, loop, stop
Each running control module can be used independently for simple routine application
Configure multi-step program with multiple modules for complex application


Pump can be controlled through touch screen, foot switch, analog signal and communication commands, combined with a variety of interfaces (USB, RJ11, DB9 etc.) for easy system connection

Multiple pump head and tubing options for a wide flow range

For more information on the NEW Intelligent peristaltic pump L100-1F , go to Longerpump.com or call +86-312-3110087.


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