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Longerpump Gear Pump Offers Accurate Flow Rates under High Pressure —Ideal for Use in Lab or Process01-06-2020

Longer provides a series of micro gear pumps with low noise and pulseless, which could deliver accurate flow rates under high pressure.

The Longerpump Gear Pump is a compact, cost-effective drive that offers simple variable speed control for many fluid handling applications. The drive handles system pressures up to 1.4MPa—ideal for pressure filtration. Pump operators can couple this drive with a precision stainless steel gear pump head for pulseless, continuous-duty flow. The brushless motor offers ±1.0% speed control accuracy with a 10 to 1 turndown ratio. And with a flow range of 85.7 to 2571.4ml/min, it is ideal for a variety of fluid transfer, especially in Lab or Process.


Main Features

*The most important feature of Longerpump Gear Pump is its efficient fluid transfer under high pressure, the maximum speed is 3000rpm. In addition, the pulsation of gear pump is low, ensuring a smooth operation.

*The non-contact magnetic coupling drive prevents the liquid from contacting the driver, thus selecting the part material correctly could transfer various corrosive media.

*Only the gears and sealing rings are consumables, the precision drive is a maintenance-free.

*Simple speed regulation and distribution functions are optional.

*The function of dispensing volume calibration could enhance the accuracy.

*The pump could be controlled manually through the control panel, and the external control signal as well.

*With the highest pressure up to 1.4MPa, this pumps can handle the fluid control applications efficiently under high pressure.


For more information on the Longerpump Gear Pump, go to Longerpump.com or call +86-312-3110087.


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