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The Application of Longer Product in Face Mask Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Tester (BFE)05-13-2020

With the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic across the globe, face masks have become an essential part of people’s life. And as the demand for masks is increase dramatically, the quality of masks has been more attention. Therefore, the masks quality test is an indispensable procedure in guaranteeing masks efficiency.


At present, there are more than 20 items in masks quality test in China, and while the bacterial filtration efficiency is one of the important indicators. Longer peristaltic pump is used to transfer bacterial suspension in the bacterial filtration efficiency tester, which provides necessary conditions for accurate detection.


The principle of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Tester


Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Tester is composed of aerosol generating system, aerosol chamber and aerosol transmission device, negative pressure cabinet, sampler, etc.


The medical face mask material is clamped between a cascade impactor and an aerosol chamber. Using a culture suspension of staphylococcus aureus, a pump, a nebulizer and the high-pressure air resource to produce bacterial aerosol in the aerosol chamber. The aerosol is drawn through the medical face mask material using a vacuum attached to the cascade impactor. The cascade impactor uses agar plates to collect aerosol droplets which penetrate the medical face mask material. Therefore, this test method is used to measure the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of medical face mask materials, employing a ratio of the upstream bacterial challenge to downstream residual concentration to determine filtration effi-ciency of medical face mask materials.

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Test Apparatus

Application Introduction

Client- Manufacturer of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Tester

Application- Measuring Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of medical face masks

The customer's mask Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Tester is equipped with Longer's peristaltic pump, which is used to transfer bacterial suspension to the aerosol chamber. The bacterial suspension meet with the high-pressure air resource at the nebulizer of aerosol chamber and then produce aerosols. Through the comparison of the concentration of bacterial aerosol before and after filtration, to detect whether the bacterial filtration efficiency of the mask meets the relevant standards.  

The Customer Requirements

-The activity of bacterial suspension is not damaged during pumping;

-The pumps should have a wide range of flow rate (0.006-3.0 ml / min), which can be easily controlled in accordance with the equipment’s requirements;

-Flow rate precision of pump is ± 2.5%;

-The pumps could communicate through RS-485 and support Modbus RTU

Longer Pump Solution

L100-1S-2 pump driver+YZ1515x pump head+13#Tubing

Customer Value

-The low shear and gentle pumping action ensures that biological substances are not damaged during pumping;

-Longer's L100-1S-2 pump has a wide range of flow rate range, which can be easily controlled. Dispensing accuracy is achieved by precise speed control and calibration, which could meet the requirements of detection equipment for bacterial collection;

-Longer's L100-1S-2 pump communicates through RS-485 and supports Modbus Protocol (RTU mode). And the pump could be remotely controlled by communication command.

The recommended products

Pump driver-BT100-2J,L100-1S

Pump head -YZ1515x,DG series

Longer offers a broad range of critical OEM components, and assists mask bacteria filter efficiency tester strictly control product quality. Strict inspection helps guarantee the quality of medical supplies on sale, as only up-to-standard ones can keep doctors and nurses safe.  

For more information, go to Longerpump.com or call +86-312-3110087.


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