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Longer peristaltic pump aids collect microorganisms in seawater for environmental DNA (eDNA) sequencing11-25-2020

The deep ocean is the largest biome on Earth and faces increasing anthropogenic pressures from climate change and commercial fisheries. Our ability to sustainably manage this expansive habitat is impeded by our poor understanding of its inhabitants and by the difficulties in surveying and monitoring these areas.


Genetic screening of environmental DNA, DNA shed by an organism into its environment, offers a useful way to detect a species of interest in an aquatic system. Water samples are collected, filtered, and screened for the presence of DNA from a particular organism. Environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding has great potential to improve our understanding of this region and to facilitate monitoring across a broad range of taxa.

The importance of Longer peristaltic pump

A research project looking at the marine biodiversity in seawater has been using a Longer peristaltic pump WT600-2J (with YZII25 pump head) to ensure sampling is practical, reliable and consistent. With Longer peristaltic pump controlling the velocity of sample flow, seawater is subsequently passed through a filter unit, then the eDNA could be extracted from the filter.  

The compact peristaltic pump WT600-2J not only operates with the required accuracy and reliability, but eliminates the potential for contaminants to cause inaccurate measurement results. Moreover, the low shear, gentle pumping action of Longer peristaltic pump ensures the safe for microorganisms. Longer peristaltic pump proves pivotal in seawater sampling and collection.

Utilization of eDNA testing can be used to focus more traditional sampling and monitoring efforts, guide stocking management decisions, and provide the evidence from which we could conjure accurate, timely descriptions of marine life. Longer now has many pumps serving marine research laboratory in China, helping researchers to discover more.


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