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Longer pump offers superior flow stability and accuracy for Coating Applications01-11-2021

In the modern pharmaceutical industry, film coating is generally referred to as a process by which a thin continuous layer of solid is applied onto the surface of a dosage form or its intermediate.


The coating is water soluble and quickly dissolves after swallowing. Film-coating is used for several functions. It removes residual dust from a tablet and aids packaging as the film forms a smooth casing. The casing protects the enclosed drug from the environment and provides a barrier to objectionable taste or odor.


The coat also enhances the appearance of the compressed tablet and permits imprinting of identifying manufacturer's information.


In addition, coating a tablet allows for easier tablet absorption for the comfort of patients and the film coating can also be gastro-resistant to target dissolution of the tablet in the intestine and not in the stomach.


Atomizing the spray liquid for application to the tablet cores

For the film-coating process, usually by a spray method, of a thin film of polymer surrounding the tablet core. The coating liquid (solution or suspension) contains a polymer in a suitable liquid medium together with other ingredients such as pigments and plasticizers. The tablets are placed in a film-coating turbine. Nozzles then spray the film-coating liquid in fine droplets onto the tablets. In this application,the coating uniformity is critical for the intended use. The performance and smooth running of bioprocesses depend on the precision and reproducibility of fluid flow, cohesion between batches and compliance with regulations, including good manufacturing practices.


Longer’s extensive product portfolio offers superior flow stability and accuracy ensuring process stability and the highest final product quality, ideal for coating applications. The efficient design of the pumps not only increase efficiency but also require minimal intervention, thereby reducing the risk of errors.


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