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Longer pumps assist vaccine manufacturers to navigate the challenges of mass vaccine production01-22-2021

Throughout the world, companies are racing to find a vaccine for COVID-19., biopharmaceutical processing experts have had to adapt technologies to accelerate the vaccine development process and step up manufacturing rapidly from small scale research to clinical trials, and on to widespread production.


At present, China's first batch of COVID-19 vaccines are inactivated virus vaccines. Using chemical means, they curb infection and replication of the COVID-19 virus, and trigger human immune response activity. As we known, the coronavirus Inactivated Vaccines is prepared from the coronavirus strain. The virus fermentation liquid, concentrated liquid or other related liquid has the strong pathogenicity before inactivation. ln terms of protection against infections, these liquid should be sealed in a closed container to ensure safety.


In order to overcome this new challenge, the use of validated, single-use technologies will be essential to scale efficiently whilst maintaining product quality and satisfying regulatory requirements.

Responding to COVID-19: Working together to advance life science research


Longerpump as a provider of fluid transport solutions, has a complete peristaltic pump product line and rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in China in 2020, Longer has been deeply concerned about the development of the epidemic, and we are proud to see our client are using our technology in their lab/production in the fight against Covid19.


From the early stage of experimental research, including the preparation of culture medium, the cultivation of virus, the separation and purification of active ingredients and other processes, to the later stage of mass production, Longer products have been effectively used for the vaccine project in China.


COVID-19 resources and support


Contact us to discover how our instruments can be used for COVID-19 research or if you are looking to purchase an instrument please contact our sales team. For more information, go to Longerpump.com or call +86-312-3110087.


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