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Longer Syringe Pump used for electrolyte transferring in study on the performance of Photocatalytic Fuel Cell03-04-2021

Environmental pollution and energy crisis have become recent worldwide concerns. Huge amounts of organic wastes are discharged into water bodies, causing serious environmental pollution. Meanwhile, these organic compounds are important carbon and energy sources that could be utilized instead of being discarded. A smart design of a photocatalytic fuel cell (PFC) can achieve double benefits: it can degrade organic pollutants and at the same time generate energy.


Photo catalysts involved in the mitigation of organic pollutants have seen an era of wide interest and are still researched for the benefits. 



Stable of transferring electrolyte is vital during research process

An experiment was conducted to study the performance of photocatalytic fuel cell (PFC) for degradation of wastewater and generation of electricity under visible light irradiation. 



In the research process, the Longer syringe pump LSP02-1B was used to recirculate electrolyte to the anode and cathode chambers of the photocatalysis fuel cell at the same flow rate to simultaneously generate electricity and degrade refractory contaminants in both anode and cathode chambers. The key to study is to obtain the influence law of electrolyte flow rate on the performance of the photocatalysis fuel cell.


The electrolyte plays the role of conducting electrons between the positive and negative electrodes in the cell and is recirculated through the cell by the syringe pump. Experiments show that the flow rate should be kept stable. The hydrodynamics in the channel can be controlled by adjusting the flow rate of the pump, which is the important guarantee of high performance of photocatalytic fuel cell.


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