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Longerpump Launches dLSP500 Digital laboratory Syringe Pump Featuring Multiple Advantages04-13-2021

Longer pump is pleased to announce the launch of its new dLSP500 Digital laboratory Syringe Pump Featuring Multiple Advantages.


The new pumps are ideal for the laboratory, with superb technology that supports precision dispensing; functional versatility giving freedom in applications; and a modern look and space-saving compact footprint to conserve valuable benchtop space. 


The dLSP500 Digital laboratory Syringe Pumps have a wider overall flow range with the option of dosing between 0.0007nl/min-57.621ml/min. The models pack in advanced features designed to deliver fluids accurately, especially in microfluidic system, dLSP 500 syringe pumps can provide steady micro flow delivery with small pulsation and good stability.


The dLSP 500 syringe pumps can be controlled in various ways. Users can view and set up all parameters on easy-to-navigate and intuitive 7” touchscreen display. And with the dedicated PC software, the custom programs can be configured quickly that are ideal for more complex multi-step dosing and has multi-mode operation, and one computer can control up to 99 pumps.


The dLSP 500 syringe pumps also allow users to control and monitor the pump with Wifi ,Bluetooth and other ways. Access is easy from a PC, tablet or smartphone (App). This can ensure that valuable sample loss is minimized, and safety is optimized, due to the ability to control of all pump parameters, including speed, flow rate, dispense volume, and more in real-time and remotely.


And the pump is compliance with the 21 CFR guidelines for pharma with the ability to robustly manage data, maintain digital records and control access to data. 


Furthermore, the dLSP 500 syringe pumps can intelligently diagnose the presence of syringes, liquid leakage at syringes, motor stall, abnormal power supply, working progress and so on. Clear voice reminder, LED indicators and other alerts support the users through the operation process.


For more information, go to Longerpump.com or call +86-312-3110087.



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