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Longer Industrial Syringe Pumps Support Excellence in Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractors05-12-2021

Rapid, efficient and accurate nucleic acid molecule detection is important in the screening of diseases and pathogens. To provide real-time diagnosis of diseases and early screening for diseases, it is important to develop techniques for nucleic acid extraction.


Nucleic acid extraction is the “first step” in molecular diagnostics and nucleic acid detection for research applications. The quality and efficiency of nucleic acid extraction directly influence the research results or diagnostic output.


With the corresponding magnetic beads method and nucleic acid extracting reagent, magnetic bead method of nucleic acid extraction can rapidly extract DNA and RNA from plant and animal tissue,fluid, blood, food and pathogenic microbes samples.


The principle of Nucleic Acid Extraction

Through adding lysis to sample and release the nucleic acid under the appropriate conditions, blend the magnetic beads with nucleic acid, elute and release the nucleic acid, transfer and separate the magnetic bead through magnetic device,at last extract the nucleic acid material from the samples.

Figure1. Extraction principle of nucleic acid


During purification, samples all progress though a common set of manipulations: cell lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, washing and elution, eventually get nucleic acid of high purity.


Longer products used in automatic nucleic acid extractors

The magnetic bead method is suitable for automated extraction and many commercial automatic nucleic acid extractors are based on this method. However, the control of magnetic beads is still a difficult challenge and requires a complicated fluid control system to achieve automation. And it is also important to note that nucleic acid extraction should be performed in an absolutely closed environment to prevent exogenous contamination.

Figure2. Longer Industrial Syringe Pumps MSP1-CX/SP1-CX


In the automatic nucleic acid extractors, Longer Industrial Syringe Pumps have clear advantages when handling a broad range of fluid transfers, they are mainly used to transfer the to-be-detected water samples and various detection reagents, and the precision can reach to microliter grade.  


In the current review, purity and yield of the extracted nucleic acids is key to performance in downstream applications. Optimization of extraction methodologies is key for success, especially with challenging sample types and demanding downstream applications. The automatic liquid treatment system with Industrial Syringe Pumps can accurately control the reagent dosage, which are crucial parts of nucleic acid detection.


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