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Longer Syringe Pumps aid the Microfluidic system to fabricate Microsphere05-25-2021

Recently, Microspheres are gaining an important place in many fields due to their due to their special size, structure and properties. Especially, Long-acting microspheres, as a kind of micron level drug carrier, are made from drug dissolving or dispersing in polymer materials. This new dosage form can significantly reduce dosing frequency, improve the stability and reduce the side effects of drugs in Pharmaceutical Industry.


Figure1. Microspheres are gaining an important place in many fields 


Microsphere Preparation

Most of the microspheres obtained by traditional preparation methods have some problems, such as complicated manufacture processes and difficulties in quality control, which greatly limits their applications.


Microfluidics is the technology of fluid manipulation in channels with dimensions of tens of micrometers. Therefore, emulsion or liquid droplets with good dispersity, particle size and morphology can be prepared continuously and controllably.


By solidifying the droplets, the microspheres can meet the requirements of bioanalysis or drug screening carrier.


Figure2. Demonstration of droplet-based microfluidics


A safe, precise and intuitive pump

A university experiment has chosen Longer TS-1B / W0109-1B syringe pump as the liquid delivery of microfluidic system to fabricate Microsphere.


TS-1B / W0109-1B syringe pump provides sufficient conditions for fabricating uniform microspheres with intuitive interface, simple operation, multi-channel independent control, stable flow and high precision.

Figure3. Longer TS-1B / W0109-1B syringe pump

As mentioned above, the key to the normal operation of the microfluidics system is to generate droplets with uniform size and stable flow velocity. As the power source of the whole system, the pump provides precise flow and stable power to produce micro droplets.


New syringe pump opens new possibilities for experiments


Figure4. dLSP500 Digital laboratory Syringe


The dLSP500 Digital laboratory Syringe Pumps have a wider overall flow range with the option of dosing between 0.0007nl/min-57.621ml/min. The models pack in advanced features designed to deliver fluids accurately, especially in microfluidic system, dLSP 500 syringe pumps can provide steady micro flow delivery with small pulsation and good stability.


Longer pumps are renowned for high accuracy, precision, and reliability during processes critical for fluid delivery functions and support microfluidic chips for a diverse range of applications.





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