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Longer peristaltic pump provides the perfect solution for Lon Exchange07-07-2021

The Heavy Metal Issue

Heavy metal pollution of water is a significant issue affecting the lifespan of aquatic lives and human health. Moreover, due to small amounts of noble metals in nature and constant impoverishment of their natural sources, of particular importance are physicochemical methods of their recovery from the secondary sources as well as waste waters.


Ion Exchange for the Recycling of Wastewater Constituents

Ion exchange, a reversible chemical reaction between an insoluble solid and a solution during which ions may be interchanged, which has been widely applied in technology of chemical separation of noble metal ions.


Influential Factors

The traditional ion exchange system generally includes ion exchange column and peristaltic pump. Peristaltic pump is one of the key components, which affects the quality of the whole system. In ion exchange operation, peristaltic pump is needed to provide a certain system pressure. When the resistance of the ion exchange column changes, it can still promote the steady flow of the fluid.


Case Study

A range of innovative physico-chemical wastewater research projects has been pursued by Chinese Academy of Sciences to meet the challenges presented by the environment.


Chinese Academy of Sciences used ion exchange method to treat and recover heavy metals from electroplating wastewater. Longer peristaltic pump L100-1S-1 was used as the liquid delivery device of the ion exchange system.


The precision L100-1S drive offers a LCD screens could show all operating parameters that makes setup and operation easy and intuitive. With precise speed control in 0.01rpm resolution (10000:1 turndown ratio), and flow rate calibration function, the L100-1S offers rugged performance with precise control.


In the research process, Longer peristaltic pump was used to deliver the liquid to be treated to ion exchange column for heavy metal ion exchange, so as to remove heavy metal ions from wastewater. After the exchange is finished, the eluent is transferred to the ion exchange column again by peristaltic pump to complete the elution and recovery of heavy metal ions.


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