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Longer OEM Peristaltic Pump provides stable and flexibility in plants irrigation process07-21-2021

In recent years, scientists have been carrying out life science research and experiments in space to detect the impact of space microgravity on life activities, and space vegetable planting is one of the important contents.


Food for future space missions

Getting space agriculture right matters because the nutrients in the prepackaged food that astronauts currently eat in space degrade over a period of time.


Getting humans to Mars and back safely over a two- or three-year mission requires growing food along the way. That gives astronauts more of a vibrant supply of fresh nutrients on the voyage.


Researchers at NASA began experiments using its Vegetable Production Systems growth chambers back in 2014 shortly after they were delivered to the space station.


Fluid and nutrient delivery system in a space vegetable planting facility


A laboratory has been designing and fabricating a fluid and nutrient delivery system in a space vegetable planting facility to verify the role of plant culture room and plant planting equipment in weightless or microgravity environment. The ultimate goal is to develop a nutrient delivery system for space vegetable planting prototype facility to be used in future space station.


The system is equipped with Longer OEM Peristaltic Pump T100&JY15-12, which is used to transport nutrition and water for plants in the plant irrigation subsystem.


Nutrient could be steadily delivered to plant cultivation matrixes through pump, water content of planting matrixes could be controlled automatically and maintained constant.


Longer OEM Peristaltic Pump T100&JY15-12 has the characteristics of compact design and stable performance. The pump can be remotely controlled through control signal, and also can automatically carry out plant cultivation operation according to the growth and environmental conditions of plants in real time through preset program.


In short, fluid and nutrient delivery system in a space vegetable planting facility with Longer OEM Peristaltic Pump could basically meet the requirements for plant nutrient delivery under space microgravity environmental condition.


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