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Aseptic Filling – the key to the manufacture of biological products08-18-2021

Recently, the global market of biopharmaceuticals is growing rapidly. Due to the inherent instability of these large and complex molecules, their production is challenging.

In addition, biopharmaceuticals must meet very stringent purity and quality standards. The presence of these microorganism pollution even in small amount may manipulate the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical product. In order to ensure uniformity across all products results in the need for even stricter regulations in the production process to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and reduce downtime.  

To tackle such challenges, leading players in the pharmaceutical industry are now increasingly incorporating smart manufacturing processes.

Compared with traditional production process, introducing a degree of automation into the process can provide more robust production, more flexibility and other advantages. As a result, peristaltic pumps have become the preferred choice in the manufacture of the biologic final product with their clear advantages.

Meeting Market Demand

Longer peristaltic pumps eliminate the need for ancillaries and increase productivity by providing accurate and repeatable flow rates. Also, our peristaltic pumps can integrate seamlessly into process control system. Pumps are self-contained, the pumped fluid is totally contained within the tube, providing complete isolation of the fluid, ideal for biological products process.

Case Study

An established pharmaceutical equipment designer, which specializes in process for Aseptic Filling, is relying on Longer intelligent peristaltic pumps for its machines.

These filling machines are deployed in R&D departments at major pharmaceutical manufacturers, where the accuracy of pumps in the dosing of liquid is vital during manufacturing processes to help optimize the quality and cost of the end product.

Meanwhile, in peristaltic pumping operations, nothing but the tube touches the fluid, eliminating the risk of the pump contaminating the fluid, or the fluid contaminating the pump.

Figure 1. Longer intelligent peristaltic pump at filling machine   

" We are always looking to develop our machines and meet our customers’ requests. Filling is a popular process with our pharmaceutical customers and being able to offer a machine which can fill, with a pump which can fill a wide range of fill volumes is an issue we were faced with. To get the correct fill volume, we have integrated an off the shelf intelligent peristaltic pump from Longer into our machine and today these pumps have become an integral part of our machines, “client said.

Engineered with precision performance, the Longer intelligent peristaltic pump adds a more intuitive, validation-friendly operator interface to reduce the risk of costly filling errors. With accuracy better than ±0.1%, to prevent costly overfilling. What’s more, there is no foaming, splashing or dripping between fills.

The low shear, gentle pumping action of peristaltic fillers could ensure that product is transferred undamaged and with high precision.

Also, control could not be easier. According to the different filling volume, different filling parameters can be saved as a program in the pump, which is convenient to be called directly for later use, and the parameter setting time is reduced.

The pharmaceutical industry plays a crucial role in developing medications to reduce the occurrence of diseases and enhance the quality of life globally. Players in this industry are focusing on more intelligent technology advancements in order to meet the growing healthcare needs of the global population.

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