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A Novel and Robust Single-cell Trapping Method on Droplet Microfluidics08-26-2021

Cellular heterogeneity within a large cell population is common. Individual cell analysis will provide more accurate information about the cell-to-cell variation masked by the stochastic average in bulk analysis. To deeply understand the cell-to-cell variation, single-cell trapping, which is the first step of cell analysis, becomes very important.


Microfluidic provides a new experimental platform for the research of single cell


Microfluidic is crucial for a variety of biological and chemical analysis applications. Droplet-based microfluidics is a subclass of microfluidic devices. In more recent times, with the precise generation and repeatability of droplet operations, has made the droplet-based microfluidic system a potent high throughput platform for biomedical research and applications. 


Such systems generate microdroplet and encapsulate the cells within aqueous droplets surrounded by an immiscible fluid. Then experimenters can operate the single cells to transit or dock anywhere in the micro channels. So the operations of single cell's counter, sorting and analysis are achieved conveniently. This provides many advantages by allowing cell isolation from a small population, high throughput, reducing reagent costs, reducing pollution, and improving accuracy.


Generally, the droplet-based microfluidics system mainly includes three parts- syringe pump, microfluidic chip and high-throughput screening system. The key to the normal operation of system is to generate droplets with uniform size and stable flow velocity. As the driving force of the whole system, the pump provides precise flow and stable power to produce micro droplets.


Longer pumps are renowned for high accuracy, precision, and reliability during processes critical for fluid delivery functions and support microfluidic for a diverse range of applications.


Case study


A biological laboratory has chosen Longer syringe pumps for use in droplet-based microfluidics system to conduct Single Cell Encapsulation. In the experiment process, multiple syringe pumps need to be used simultaneously for accurate and stable immiscible liquids pumping.

Figure1. The droplet formation process observed under microscope

Figure2. The droplets examined under microscope

Figure3. Cells surrounded by droplets

A precise, stable and efficiency pump

The models pack in advanced features designed to deliver fluids accurately, especially in microfluidic system, dLSP 500 syringe pumps can provide steady micro flow delivery with small pulsation and good stability.

Figure4. Longer dLSP 500 syringe pump controlled by PC software

In addition, with the dedicated PC software, the custom programs can be configured quickly that are ideal for more complex multi-step operations and one computer can control up to 99 pumps.

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