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Exhibition Review | Longer and Its All Series of Solutions Appeared at China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo11-22-2021

The 61th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (hereinafter referred to as “CIPM China”) was held at Chengdu on November 2, 2021. Longer and its professional market solutions in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry appeared at CIPM China, showing its new technological achievements and original intention for R&D in the pharmaceutical industry.

With biological products playing a more and more important role in public health, there are still many challenges to face in rapidly increasing capacity for the purpose of meeting commercial production needs.


At this Exposition, Longer showed its solutions for bio-pharmaceutical techniques throughout upstream, downstream and final fill/finish applications, e.g., R&D, fermentation, depuration and filling, for meeting the production requirement of biological products. Also, single-use components and assemblies are designed to support the critical fluid path as well.

A supplier of all series precision pumps (from R&D to scale production)

A comprehensive portfolio of products and assembly design capabilities

-Preparation is a key step in bio-pharmaceutical processes, and Longer’s products could make your production system achieve the best control and performance.

-Fermentation, a core step in bio-pharmaceutical processes, Longer’s peristaltic pumps could equipp with bioreactors or fermentation tanks for transferring the medium, defoamer, acid and alkali liquor to control the normal fermentation process.

-Filtration is used to separate and/or purify biomolecules and harvest cells, and TFF (Tangential Flow Filtration) is a rapid and efficient method of filtration. TFF’s working pressures and flow rates require the appropriate equipment to be efficient and successful. Longer offers the pumps, fluid path tubing and connectors, and more products to ensure success while protecting the purity of end products.

-Longer peristaltic pumps offer exceptional control and accuracy, in combination with chromatographic column to separate and purify mixture solutions. It is critical for the downstream processing of pharmaceutical production, especially in the process of harvesting and purification.

-Longer specializes in the development and manufacture of aseptic filling systems for pharmaceutical markets with an emphasis on precision, efficiency and flexibility. 

And Longer has a series of single-channel dispensing pumps to offer high precision solution for small batch filling. 

In addition, Longer also showed the model machine of new industrial large-flow peristaltic pump at the Exposition in advance. With its stainless steel casing and high IP rating, the peristaltic pump could meet the strict requirements by bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Under current normalization of the COVID-19 epidemic, the heavy demand on medicines has set higher requirements of both bio-pharmaceutical enterprises and pharmaceutical equipment suppliers.


Longer will keep improving solutions based on advanced and reliable technologies and devices, to assist the bio-pharmaceutical industry in further enhancing the basic capacities of the industry.

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