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Longer Precision Pump dLSP 500 series is a New Star Product of Interventional Embolization!03-23-2022

Interventional embolization is generally the application of catheter interventional therapy when there are indications for embolization. Under the guidance of imaging equipment, such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance, DSA and other machines, the embolized material is removed through an arterial or venous catheter with the help of a catheter or guide wire. Controlled injection into the supply blood vessels of diseased organs to occlude them and interrupt blood supply, in order to achieve the purpose of controlling bleeding, treating tumors and vascular lesions, and eliminating the function of diseased organs.

Embolization is an important technique in interventional therapy and one of the three major techniques in interventional radiology. We have more than 30years' experience in the research and clinical application of embolization. One of the key roles is interventional embolization. The corresponding bolus parameters will vary depending on the embolization material used.

Embolic materials are mainly divided into solid embolic materials and liquid embolic materials, and the use methods of different products will also vary. they are different in the bolus volume and bolus rate required for interventional embolization. In order to ensure the safe and effective implementation of interventional embolization, the Longer pump model dLSP 500 digital laboratory syringe pump has completed interventional embolization and in vitro simulated bolus experiments of indications in the laboratory. It can conduct data analysis to provide interventional embolization. The specific applications are as follows:

TACE hepatic arterial chemoembolization

Trans-arterial chemoembolization is usually the first type of embolization used for large liver cancers that cannot be treated with surgery or ablation. It combines embolization with chemotherapy (chemo).. Longer dLSP 500 laboratory syringe pump can simulate the bolus injection process of interventional surgery, accurately obtain experimental data, and provide a basis for formulating effective treatment plans to help improve the survival rate of patients.


Input and output key parameters for setting, sampling, calculation, analysis, and compare key data of similar embolization materials.

Experimental program

Orthogonal experimental design and statistical analysis were formulated according to different bolus injection methods and dosage setting parameters.

Longer precision pump dLSP 500 series

It can be selected and set according to different parameters, the flow is stable, the precision is high, it can achieve stable micro-liquid transmission, the linear thrust can be adjusted, 7-inch industrial touch screen, graphical interface, easy to use and intuitive, can be programmed to customize parameters and Save it for direct recall. the Longer precision pumps are widely applied in medical, microfluidic, and electrospinning experiments.