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Interview with Aldous Wong, President of Asia Pacific: Gather the power of wisdom to create a safe, clean and healthy04-24-2022

How to make roads safer, make the air cleaner, and make people healthier are all challenges today. Halma Group, as a global enterprise, dedicated to life safety technology and regarded found problems solution as its value. Halma and its subsidiaries innovate the products to creat a safer, cleaner and healthier future for everyone every day.




The application of life safety technology is widely applied in our lives, it play an important role to ensure workers safety, improve food and water quality, monitor air pollution and match the medical devices increasing request.



Aldous Wong, President of Asia Pacific, pointed out: "For China and the Asia Pacific market, our strategy is to promote more investment in the region to achieve the growth of Halma through acquisitions. We will form and lead an M&A team to focus on opportunities in the safety, environmental and healthcare sectors. "


Focus on M&A-Develop new market segments


Mergers and acquisitions, as the core of the growth strategy, have grown along with Halma and achieved fruitful results. In the Medical Division and Environmental Analysis Division, some well-known brands such as Ocean Insight, Alicat, Longer Pump, Diba, Crowcon, Hanovia have experienced the market competition and continue to develop. The innovative technologies and products cover the application of pharmaceutical manufacture field.



Through these companies, we can see Halma's excellent ability to continuously discover and acquire high-quality companies. Aldous Wong emphasized, "Halma has a mature M&A system. In terms of acquisitions, we have our investment proposition. We seek to provide sustained and strong growth and returns, exert positive social impact, and create sustainable value for stakeholders.


Strategic support- Fueling continued organic growth


In the “14th Five-Year Plan”, China central government proposes to widely form green production and lifestyle. Making a big contribution to face global climate change via promoting the transformation and upgrading of the energy structure. Many Halma technologies have been helping other companies achieve sustainability commitments.


Innovative development- Industry digital upgrade


In recent years, all subsidiaries of Halma have adhered to the innovative development strategy of digital transformation. Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd. is a typical example of practicing innovative development strategies. As a supplier of precision fluid transfer and handling equipment, Longer pump provides reliable peristaltic pump products for the pharmaceutical industry. Long pumps are equipped with disposable pump tubes, which can effectively prevent cross-contamination of fluids, and are suitable for pumping various special liquid media.


Longer pump innovatively developed an IoT cloud platform with functions of remote control and remote management. It is used in pharmaceutical fields including laboratory drug research and development, synthesis, and animal experiments, which can greatly improve the efficiency of scientists and researchers. In addition, Longer digital laboratory syringe pump technology combines intelligent digital functions with fluid transmission performance.




In the post-epidemic period, digitalization is not only the driving force for the high-quality development of the industry, but also the focus for institutions to enhance their lasting competitiveness. Halma will firmly focus on high-return, safe and stable global segments with long-term growth momentum, and continue to devote themselves to development and innovation.