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dPOFLEXⓇ Precise Filling System is officially launched, equipped with multiple configuration, provides superior solution02-06-2023

Longer pump is pleased to announce the launch of its dPOFLEXⓇ Precise Filling System to provide a safe, reliable and value-based solution for critical aseptic fill applications.







With the rapid development of the life science industry, especially in recent years, the demand for filling in biomedical, external diagnostic reagents (IVD), detection reagents and other application fields has been growing worldwide.


This product is a great alternative to solutions from research and development to clinical trials and small batch filling to ensure high value products such as diagnostic regents for in vitro test , vaccines, and cell and gene therapies are protected from contamination and damage to viability,and the dispensing accuracies are increased even more as well.



Features and benefits include:


Repeatable filling accuracies of better than ±1%

dPOFLEXⓇ Precise Filling System allows for precision filling from as low as 30uL and repeatable filling accuracies of better than ±1%. With gentle pumping action that eliminates foaming, splashing or dripping, costly overfilling is prevented, and maintain cell activity.




Ideal pump from R&D to clinical trials and small batch production

With more than 20 years of experience in the precise fluid transfer and handling, the new fill system is designed with stronger adaptability that it can be used as Laboratory Desktop Precise Filling Unit or Multi Channel High-Precision Filling System. One PFC controller can control up to 32 channels, capacity up to 120 bottles per minute.



dPOFLEXⓇ Precise Filling System supports RS485 interface+Modbus RTU protocol, or industrial Ethernet interface+TCP/IP protocol, which is convenient for remote connection, and is used for automatic or semi-automatic filling machinery to improve filling efficiency.

For multi-channel system, each channel can have independent or the same filling parameters, providing a variety of solutions to meet different requirements.



Secure and Traceable Data

Three levels of user accesses(administrator, developer, operator),operation log, batch report (all can be saved to USB flash drive or printed directly), and electronic signature to enable compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP.




New appearance design equipped with multiple configuration

The new fill system’s simple set-up and reduced user interaction combined with easy to clean surfaces, an ergonomic design and clear and intuitive 7” touchscreen display facilitate its use, even when gowned up in cleanroom environments. 



Up to 500 recipes can be stored and recalled easily. dPOFLEXⓇ Precise Filling System also supports online calibration of loading capacity and direct reading of balance weighing data to improve calibration efficiency.



The system is also equipped with multiple sensing technologies to achieve safe operation and predictive maintenance of the pump. And the fill system has passed the Swiss SGS certification, ensuring electromagnetic compatibility and safety performance under various working conditions.




These above capabilities are based on Longerpump’s extensive industry experience and designed to provide an accurate and reliable fill pump for sensitive fluids in strict production.